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" continues with ashleigh banfield. >> hi. let's start this way, a fireball streak into the try and slams into russia. more than 1,000 people reported hurt by the flying glass. the collapsing buildings. look at the images. li listen to the sound. we'll take you there. >>> now, also, since the 4,000 people are off that disgusting cruise ship, what happens to the ship now. >>> and that olympic athlete, oscar pistorius, accused of murdering his girlfriend in his own home, collapses and sobs in court. we have a lot of news happening on the ground. but the big shock and awe, falling from the sky is leading it all. i'm talking quite literally here. while you were sleeping this unbelievable scene was unfolding in southern russia. close encounters of the third kind. wow. raining down near the euro mountains, that is a meteor breaking up over the earth's atmosphere. it's like a crazy scene from a movie but it's real. make no mistake, the scenes and the light coming from a meteor as it streaks across the side. the blinding flash. the deafening explosion. caught on tape. up 1,000 people were hurt be
or in the ocean so people aren't expecting to see this kind of thing in a populated area. ashleigh. >> jim, stand by for a moment. i want to zip to capitol hill. not somewhere i'd normally go for a science story but the man on the scene is not only a congressman, but jim holt, a rocket scientist. a ph.d. in physicist. a director of the princeton laboratory, arms director as well. you're a great source to get information on this. first of all, to the staff and the facts as we know them. scientists are saying they believe this is one meteor that broke into fragments. but are you surprised at the incredible images and the damage that's it's rained on that region? >> no, i'm not surprised, ashleigh. you're appropriately coming to capitol hill. there is something to come to capitol hill, there is something to talk about it here, besides the curiosity and human interest story and upset there. you know, there are lots of things from space that rain down on earth every day. most of it is dust. it amounts to tons of material. but when something the size of a foot or a yard or, you know, a meter across, th
getting hit with the storm. our ashleigh banfield is standing in all that snow, speaking of things that are being hit by the storm and people, of course. ashleigh, what is the situation out there? you have been out there and it is -- you look cold. i got to tell you. you look really, really cold. >> reporter: you know what, i'm canadian so i dress for it and the sun is out, deb ferryerickfo i feel like i'm at a ski resort if i squint. here's the thing. i've been living that time-lapse photo from last night and lived the drive on 95 to get to fairfield, connecticut, where i am right now, from near stamford. that should take about 20 minutes. took an hour 45. we were parked because people are breaking the travel bans. not a smart idea. governor of connecticut has said this travel ban is in effect until i say so. it doesn't mean it's lifted because the sun came out. we still have problems. we still have people unable to maneuver in this gas station. in fact, the gas station operator couldn't make it into work so the guy from the night shift is still running it. he's going to shut it d
for joining us today. happy super bowl sunday. i can't wait. "cnn newsroom" continues right now with ashleigh banfield. >>> that is one excited anchor, carol costello, i know you love your football. i'll be thinking about you on sunday. hi, everybody, it's good to have you with us. i want to take you straight to wall street. big, big story happening. stocks are surging. and i don't mean just surging, i mean to new heights. heights we haven't seen in five years. the dow hitting 14,000, just a short time ago and that's for the first time since october 2007. yes, you can say hooray. today's rally thanks in part to the january jobs report which just came out this morning. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. i can assume there's quite a bit of activity going on. what's it like down there? >> well, believe it or not, there was no reaction when the dow hit that 14,000 level. it hit there and pulled back a little. you see the dow now just below that at 13,999. and you know what got the dow over that sort of hump? it was that jobs report, the jobs report was very strong. it showed that 157,00
. >>> good morning everyone i'm ashleigh banfield nice to have you in the newsroom with us, we begin with a story of a 5-year-old alabama boy, a boy named ethan, who woke up in a hospital this morning with his mom and his favorite dinosaur toy. this after a week of being locked away with a ruthless killer in an underground bunker. before a dramatic swat like rescue, in which he saw two grown men shot dead right before his eyes, his bus driver a week before and his captor just yesterday. this is so hard to imagine how a young mind will ever recover from an ordeal like this, earlier on cnn, we heard from alicia, herself a kidnapping victim as a teenager who runs a victim support group. here is her advice. >> you have to try to keep things normal. that's what we have to do for this little boy is keep certain things as normal as possible. >> like what? >> things like just basic routines he had done before. his favorite games, his favorite movies, his favorite food. just try to keep an anchor in the before. and really not equate him with this happening to him. this happened to him.
,000 flights canceled. >> and ashleigh banfield joins me now from fairfield, connecticut. i heard you on the phone. it was a white-knuckle drive just to get you there. >> reporter: marty savidge, do you know how long it took me to get to this town from where i live which is typically about a 15-minute drive? it took one hour and 45 minutes. i spent about 45 of those minutes right at the exit. when the governor says don't drive, the governor means what he says. it's really stupid for anyone else -- i was single file on 95 with a bunch of yahoos who shouldn't have been there passing wreck after wreck after wreck. not only that, very few plays could you exit or get on to the freeway because snowplows had created four-foot banks that were shut into exit. you were shut in to a gas station or shut out of a gas station on and on like that. it was single file for a long time. almost didn't make my live shot for you now. let me give you a feel for this. it is windy. it's sunny and lovely, and the snow has stopped. but because there's so much wind, it looks like it's still snowing. it's been ch
. keep the conversation going. cnn newsroom continues with ashleigh banfield. >>> carol, thanks so much. hello, everyone. first came the manifesto, and then came the murders. and now los angeles police officers are being forced to watch their backs this morning after an ex-cop allegedly made good on threats to kill fellow officers and their families. christopher dorner was fired from the force after a series of hearings in which he felt he had been wronged. and now he's threatening to quote, bring asymmetrical and unconventional warfare to any la cop on duty or off. the body count is mounting. one officer is dead. another wounded. also dead, a former officer's daughter and her fiance. we are watching this story as it continues to develop. but again, la police officers at this hour are themselves in need of protection. we are not being given a lot of details to o exactly where they've are looking for this man. but make no mistake he has a history not only in law enforcement but in military, and it's very difficult to find someone when he knows the tricks of the trade. this is no ordinary
to bring in ashleigh banfield in new york to take us through a lot of the snow, the rain, the ice, everything that will happen in the next 24 hours. ashleigh? >> reporter: you know new york too well. i look like i'm in a rainstorm, a sleet storm, i am. we're in a morphing stage right now. where these people are all trying to gorks taking the yellow cabs, maybe a visit in central park it's not going to last. it's going to get really ugly and things will shut down. they are looking to revise the transit in and out of the city. but new york has been to this before. a couple of months ago we dealt with sandy. traffic was really light into manhattan today. me thinks it's going to stay light as well. look at this guy right here. he is right now using a skimmer just to make sure that people don't skid along in the slushy mess. but he's going to have to get himself a big shovel like the rest of us. fema has already put out the warnings to new englanders. get ready. get preprayered. batteries, shovels, candles, gasoline. there are already lines for gasoline. we went through this in sandy.
that's the case, ashleigh, so for now, i guess we can revel in the fact that we're at 14,000 as we end this story. >> yeah. i'm going to attribute that to you and your report for that to creep back up and over. either that or everyone's excited about the super bowl. there you have it, the numbers, alison watching the story for us live on the new york stock exchange. thanks, alison. >>> i want to switch gears. there is another story that's playing out. this is day four of a terrifying hostage situation in alabama. growing more tense by the moment. we are talking about a 5-year-old boy who is involved. that child is being held in an underground bunker. and the person holding him is clearly deranged. police, the fbi, hostage negotiators, all of them at the scene. but the neighbors say that bunker is no joke. it is well-stocked, and the suspect could apparently be capable of staying in that bunker for days. our george howell now has a closer look of just what we're dealing with here. >> reporter: jimmy davis jr. and his family have been neighbors to jimmy dikes since he moved to this area
will take care of you. . >>> hello everyone i'm ashleigh banfield i want to get you started with quick headlines right out of the gate. home mail delivery on saturday, about to be a thing of the past. the postal service just announced it's going to stop weekend delivery of letters and other first class mail starting august 1st. you will still get your packages, though. but the cash strapped post office says this move is going to save them billions of dollars. defense secretary leon panetta is dropping a bombshell on active duty troops and their families, we have exclusive information he will ask today for their pay raises to be cut. from 1.7% to just 1%. obviously this looks a lot like a shot across the bow over those possible defense cuts in the works. in fact secretary panetta minced no words at speaking at georgetown a short while ago. he says the upcoming automatic defense spending cuts threaten, quote, the most serious readiness crisis faced by the military in more than a decade. >> for more than a year and a half, the joint chiefs of staff and i have been extremely vocal about ou
five bucks." your accent needs a little work. . >>> hello everyone i'm ashleigh banfield we are keeping a close watch on three developing stories for you. a three day nightmare dragging on for 4,000 people stuck in the gulf of mexico. forced to sleep on the deck of a hot smelly crippled cruise ship. also, just when you think you heard it all, more shocking testimony from jody arias, about the boyfriend, that she admits to violently killing. we will bring you the latest in that murder trial. >>> and then her little boy was hostage in an underground bunker, now ethan's mom is speaking out about the ordeal with dr. phil. you will hear what she had to say. >>> first we start with an end to a vacation from hell after floating stranded in the gulf of mexico for days, more than 4,000 people on a carnival cruise ship are now on the move once again being towed to shore at about the same speed as a lawn mower. and they won't hit land for days. their ship lost power this weekend and passengers have been running short on food and water and working bathrooms, and of course patients. there's even one
staff members to help with the guests. and now, ashleigh, you know, what carnival is of course saying is that they do have showers working, people can take cold showers, not hot showers, and of course, that they have restored some of the toilets in the public areas and in some of the state rooms. ashleigh. >> i'm sure at the beginning of the cruise on thursday, it was probably lovely. but since sunday i'm sure these people have just about had it. they have a couple more days to endure. hopefully, john, it will stay just a hassle and not get more dangerous or of course the food supplies, et cetera, and the danger of the sewage issues will be taken care of. keep an eye on it for us, if you will, mr. marle a, we will talk legal issues and what recourse some of these passengers have against the cruise ship, once of course they reach dry land. i want to take you to california right now, breaking news, the los angeles police department is holding an update, an emergency news conference on the manhunt for the person they are searching for, whose been looking to take out officers in revenge a
with ashleigh banfield. >> thank you very much, carol. hello, everyone. good to have you with us. i'm ashleigh banfield. the vatican fighting off rumors of unholy scandals behind the pope's resignation as a cardinal quits under a cloud. >>> cannibalism in the courtroom. an officer, a police officer, accused of plotting to cook and eat women, and he goes on trial today. >>> and a mega trial over millions of gallons of oil spilled in the gulf. it could mean billions and billions more in fines for bp. >>> so leave it to $85 billion in spending cuts to remind people just how much the federal government matters. moments from now, president obama and vice president biden are due to meet with the nation's governors who do not need reminding that they're able to meet their payrolls, employ their citizens and their citizens largely because of washington's host. for the rest of us, the white house is pointing out how spending cuts in almost every federal program and department are going to affect each state. let's go to a couple of them. for instance, north dakota, it stands to lose funding for ten of i
, is the major concern. ashleigh. >> barbara, i'm reading here his last day of affiliation with the navy as a reservist was february 1st of this year. we are talking about -- what's astounding here -- i was going to say he has eight awards, eight different awards including the ones you mentioned. but any idea about his mental illness or his mental health or anything that the military might have on him? >> reporter: let me talk about that for a second. we asked about that, because it was astounding, when you look at the record, you and i are looking at the same document, february 1st, 2013 is listed. february 1st as his last day of service in the reservists. what they are trying to figure out, was he on some sort of, if you will, leave, vacation time, separation? had he basically stopped serving as a reservist some weeks or months before that, and this is the day he was officially taken off the rolls? we are trying to figure that out. the military is trying to figure that out right now. i think it's very safe to assume the military trying to share whatever information they are able to wit
we've been following all day long, the blizzard in the northeast. ashleigh banfield is in fairfield, connecticut covering that. how are things looking where you are, ashleigh? >> reporter: it's not about the look, it's about the feel, brianna. the light is going down, the sun is going down, the temperatures are going down. and yet, brianna, we still have clogged arteries. clogged roadways. that 95 is still a parking lot where i am in fairfield, connecticut. plows are pretty intermittent and while you do see some people traveling, because they are allowed to travel, technically, they're not supposed to be, anyway. the governor here has said please just stay off the roads and let the utility companies get to restore power. let the plows do their job. we're just now hearing a confirm savings five known fatalities in this state alone. this is where the record snowfalls were found, brianna, so it's still an emergency. blizzard warnings may be over, but the emergency is not over. and we are going down to minus 10 with the wind chill here. so if your car gets stuck, and you get buried, you
all day, the blizzard in the northeast. we go to ashleigh banfield in fairfield, connecticut. how are things there? >> as the day turned into night, the temperatures are plummeting. and what started as a big snowfall story has become a snow on the ground story. the plows are still out all over this state and all over the northeast. trying to keep up with the mess that was left behind. this gas station behind me, it is dead. it is empty. not because they're out of gas, they're out of employees. no one could get here to reopen it. not only that, but the actual gas pumps just started getting too cold and wouldn't work. above this gas station is i-95 and it is chock a block like a parking lot. the problem is, even though the travel ban was lifted in connecticut today, the governor said, please, please, don't travel, we're still in emergency mode. we still need plows to get out. we still need those utility crews to get out and restore power to tens of thousands of people. trouble is, no one's listening and it is a mess up there and they are stuck. here's the other issue. six people is
and character. i'm ashleigh banfield in for piers morgan. celebrated athlete oscar is in police custody tonight. he stands accused of horrible crime. the cold-blooded murder of his girlfriend. weeping in court as the charges are read against him, we are going to get to that case the world is talking about. coming up. but we begin with the remarkable story of the more than 4,000 people aboard the cruise ship "triumph" stranded for days. adrift at sea. cnn's martin savidge takes us through the ultimate holiday nightmare. >> reporter: fun in the sun. that's the promise of the carnival "triumph" and loves to offer a casino, disco, live entertainment, spa, swimming pools, all you can eat, and passengers expected plenty when departing galveston thursday. on sunday morning, the moment of crisis. in a flash, a fire breaks out in one of the ship's two engine rooms. a passenger shoots this cell phone video. at first the thousands aboard the ship is crippled, adrift in the middle of the gulf of mexico. but by day's end it is obvious the flighting city is almost completely powerless with nothing, backup ge
'm ashleigh banfield in for piers morgan. joining me for an exclusive interview, birthday girl carey padilla, her mother, her close friend julie morgan and kerry's sister julie pringle all were onboard the carnival triumph of. we can all laugh about this now and say it was the cruise from hell, et cetera, but i want to take you back to the moment where this began with a fire onboard and smoke in the hallways and the ship listing to the side. was there ever a moment when you truly did believe this was an extraordinary danger? >> we have said this before. in the beginning, we thought it was very scary. then i would say within, i don't know, a half hour, an hour, we realized that our lives weren't in immediate danger anymore, and it was just going to be a matter of figuring out what we were going to do next. >> i think that's what a lot of people have said. they worried and then they didn't. i'm trying to figure out, how did it come to pass that you went from being terrified to being extremely frustrated for a number of days? >> well, i think the lack of information initially, they just kept sa
at 10:00 p.m. for a special edition of "360." piers morgan tonight with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> tonight, triumph and tragedy onboard the nightmare cruise. harrowing stories from inside the crippled ship. >> we have been kept in the dark a lot. >> from the first signs of trouble to the fears they would never come home, and our exclusive with the sick passenger who was rescued at sea. >> it was hard. it was scary. it was -- oh, my god. >> plus, the other big news this week, fallen hero. the shocking story of oscar pistorius. did the paralympic superstormurder his cover girl girlfriend? the latest details on the blade runner accused of murder, and his rare up close and personal interview with piers that may surprise you. >> there are kids who look up to you. it's definitely something you have to keep in the back of your mind. >> this is "piers morgan tonight." good evening, tonight, two stories of triumph, tragedy, strength, and character. i'm ashleigh banfield in for piers morgan. celebrated athlete oscar pistorius is in police custody tonight. the double amputee track star tu
schools of thought on this, ashleigh. there are some who think it's really legitimate that there are finally cuts coming and that washington does nothing without its back to a corner. so why don't we go with these cuts? because you'll never get them agreed to through negotiation. the problem -- the problem -- we have to remind of this. there are a lot of people saying democrats are fearmongering. the problem here is the hand-fisted, unfocused nature of these cuts. these are sledgehammers where you really need stilettos. the government is not as fat as people think it is, and you're going to learn this if the sequester goes through, if these forced budget cuts go through. you're going to learn over the course of the next month or so how you actually use the government. the issue here is that it will furlough federal employees. it will have cuts that you just described. a number of the governors, as you said, are meeting with the president, trying to make their case that this is really going to hurt us. the transfer payments to the states are going to be hurt. and it's n
assignment the teachers try to be more explicit what is allowed and what is not. >> reporter: so ashleigh, she's explaining the changes that have happened at harvard since this all went down, that now teachers are being very clear on bhas collaboration, what's allowed and what's not allowed. harvard saying look, it took five months to review this to make sure it's been fair to all of the students, but there's been a lot of criticism of how this was handled by the university. some saying the penalty is too harsh and instructions weren't clear, ashleigh. >> all right. poppy harlow live for us as the bells toll as harvard. thank you. we are flat out of time. michael holmes will take the helm with newsroom international. >>> my thanks to you. in new orleans, it is making news as the game itself, we are talking about that blackout that happened at the super bowl, you remember early in the game's third quarter, half of the superdome went dark. well, who is to blame? we have a live report coming up about a minute out from now. >>> also in havana, cuba, the country's general election fiddle castr
. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >>> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. don't blame beyonce. the nfl slast nig's halftime sh nothing to do with the blackout that had to follow. hot wheels and cheese-its. a 5-year-old's wish list after six days underground as a hostage. police in alabama deliver. >>> texas police looking for an answer in the murder of a legendary sniper. the suspect is a fellow vet. >>> super bowls can be and have been terribly, terribly dull. but not super bowl xlvii. it started out like many previous ones. baltimore ravens dominating the san francisco 49ers in the first half. then it continued at the start of the second half with an electrifying 108-yard kickoff return for a td by the ravens. then poof. lights went out. mysterious blackout. a power outage. mocking out most of the lights at the superdome in new orleans. those lights stayed out for more than half an hour. about 35 minutes. rachel nick sols on thols is on. we pride ourselves in doing the news. we went into news mode and wanted to know what happened, how did it hap
and the other one injured badly, so it was a very, very tense afternoon up here, ashleigh. >> and, miguel, just the notion whenever there's a tactical operation, we in the media are used to hearing please lay off the live locations, please take the helicopters away for your safety and ours and let us do our jobs without the suspect potentially being able to track our very move. for that reason, many of of us in the press were unable to witness what happened in those last moments, but were there any people who did get a first hand view of how that fire started? >> look, there was concern among law enforcement that mr. dorner may have been monitoring either television, radio, both or even the internet. they believe his phone went on at one point. it is possible they had some communication with him inside that cabin. we don't know whether or not they actually did, whether there was any offer of surrender, whether or not he wanted to come out of that cabin at any point. he certainly has left zero indication that he did, and he clearly had a deep hatred for all law enforcement no matter where they w
? >> hi. rebecca, can you hear me? >> yes. >> hi, this is ashleigh banfield at cnn. i talked to your mom yesterday. and she's on shore waiting for you. >> ma'am? >> can you hear me okay, rebecca? your mom is waiting for you on shore. i just talked to her yesterday. >> yeah. she -- i just talked to her. and she, um, i'm so excited to see her and she's so excited to see me. i can't wait to get back. >> i'll bet. rebecca, how has this been for you and your dad? >> it's been really, really difficult. getting the food and not knowing what you're going to be able to eat, whether it's going to be cold and not knowing it's going to be hot. and it's been hard. >> and i'll bet you and your friend allie kind of thought this was going to be a lot of fun, right? >> yeah, we did. and then this happened. and then it's just kind of been -- it got bad. it got worse. and then it's just horrible. >> well, i tell you what, rebecca, we can see you from shore. the picture that our tv screen is showing all the viewers watching is your ship that you're on right now as it makes its way to shore. so, you're very,
the developments in london. what more do we know, amanda? >> hi, ashleigh. i can tell you that oscar pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. he's set to appear in court in pretoria in south africa on friday morning. this all happened very much as we were waking up here in london. reports of a fatal shooting at the house of the 26-year-old oscar pistorius. initially there were reports that it was perhaps a valentine's surprise that had gone horribly wrong, that pistorius woke to what he thought was an intruder and shot that intruder dead. the police, it has to be said, have said they don't know where those stories have come from, so throughout the course of the day, it was then confirmed that it was, in fact, pistorius' girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, as you said, who was shot and killed. and then it has emerged it is pistorius who has been charged with her murder. >> this is devastating to hear that is a report that's out there. do we know that has been knocked down, amanda? that this might have been a valentine's day surprise gone terribly wrong? because there have been stateme
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 131 (some duplicates have been removed)